You want to be free — free from the past, free from worry, stress and anxiety, free from derailing thoughts and free from second guessing your magnificence.

Right now you might feel trapped, lost, confused or stuck — it's frustrating and at times, debilitating. But hey, we’ve all been there. You feel helpless and powerless to changing the circumstance, but do not fear, there is a solution. No matter how far along you are on a path of personal and spiritual growth, you can benefit greatly from guidance, so there's no shame in seeking help.

My coaching program can support you in every area of your life, from relationships to health, career, spirituality and more. The one-on-one nature of coaching allows for remarkable transformations often in short periods of time because a coach provides guidance and support so that you can experience powerful shifts that stick.


Free Chat:
You’ll get a free 15-minute "Chat with Kat" to see if I am the right fit for you.

1 Introductory Session:
Once we know we're a match, we'll setup your introductory session. You'll have the opportunity to share your problems, pains and burdens but don't get too comfy there, that's not the focus of the session. You'll learn the basics to mastering your mind and dark side, get clear on what you want and together devise a plan that is tailored to give life to what your heart truly desires.

Pricing for Intro Session:
The introductory session is $150.

Coaching Packages:
I'm here to teach you powerful tools to create your ultimate life which is why I’ve developed coaching packages. I'm sure you've booked in sessions with other professionals and never gone back after the first one, because you've gotten scared, self sabotaged or made up excuses and reasons in your head not to go back. Some of these reasons may have been legitimate, but I know human behaviour and most of the time it's due to your excuses.

Click here for the coaching programs available, pricing and payment options.

Over the sessions I work closely with on what you want, your mindset and reconnecting you back to the truth of who you are. You'll be provided with a plan, tools and practices to implement to bring to life the real you. The more time I have with you, the deeper you'll embody the teachings.

My methodology of coaching is an inward and forward focused practice. The past has served you a purpose but that's not where the focus of our coaching goes. Through practices that teach you to look within and create what you want, you will develop your intuition and connection to self, access self confidence, self love and self acceptance, creating realities that you are now dreaming of.

My role as your coach is to be the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be, helping you reconnect to the truth of who you are and uncover your true calling.

The results: 
You can expect deep transformation. My clients have gone on to change careers, bring in their life partner, heal illnesses, addictions and body issues, clear financial blocks and create mind-blowing abundance. You can expect life changing outcomes.

If you are ready to change your patterns, live your dreams and finally transform your life, then you’re ready to work with me! Get started below.

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There aren’t enough words to say how much you have already changed my life- in a way that no one else has ever, or could ever possibly do.
— Liv
Thank you again for allowing myself to look inwards. It was so overdue I think I forgot how to do it.
— Kari
You take me to the place I need to go, but am afraid to. You have helped me see all the dreams in my heart and how to bring them to life! I cannot thank you enough - life changing!
— Emma
In one session you shifted my perspective. For so many years I thought I was my thoughts and your ability to explain it so simply freed me from hell. How can I ever thank you?
— Jo
I feel like myself again and learning that I am in control of how I want and need to feel everyday. This is a result of Kat’s morning meditations. I no longer feel anxious, rather taking each day as it comes and being open to feeling happy & grateful regardless of what is going around me.

I have been focusing on me time with the encouragement of Kat at our last session and making time to do the things that I love and letting go of the small stuff.

I have definitely noticed how much lighter I am, more aware of myself and others and taking time to reflect on things I want to change in how I feel. I feel that I am being less hard on myself and this is definitely making a difference to my wellbeing.
— Nicole
I am definitely seeing a light shine through the darkness and am exercising, meditating and eating healthy everyday and trying to find more balance and love in my life. Your motivation has set me back on path Kat.
— Darryl
You have made a huge difference in our lives this year and you don’t even realise how much! We have a different daughter! She is softer, more relaxed, more mindful and is excited for the future . Thank you for all that you’ve done.
— Ann - Mother of Sarah