If I could have a chat with my 16 year old self, here's a few pearls of wisdom I'd share...

  • You can compare yourself all you like to the girls' in magazines, or to the most popular and prettiest girl in school, but it's not going to change a damn thing. Instead you'll drive yourself crazy, think you're not good enough (all the time) and spend way to many years adapting yourself to get external validation, love and acceptance. So how about you save yourself decades of pain, apply tools to appreciate the qualities that lie deeper than your appearance and find peace in who you are? 
  • I know you think you're fat, ugly, a loser, that you're different and that no one gets you. I know how those negative thoughts cause you to feel sad, lonely and at times, suicidal. The problem is you think you are your thoughts, and this type of thinking means you're a slave to your mind. Yes you have thoughts, but they do not make up who you are. The key is to know you have thoughts but not identify with them. To acknowledge that they're there (and always will be), but not latch onto the thought and make it mean something about you. Meditation will help you.
  • Okay, so your mates are into partying and experimenting with drugs. I get it. You think if you don't do it you'll be kicked out of the group, that you'll be seen as a 'goodie-two-shoes' and