You Are The Answer To Your Life. You Always Have Been

People constantly ask me, “how did you make the shift from such a hard life to being the person you are now?”

To be honest, what led me to change was the amount of pain I was in — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was a hot mess and something had to give. The catalyst to this was contemplating suicide. At that time I was in chronic pain, addicted to pain medication, overweight, depressed and dead on the inside.

But I made a choice to take back my power after a powerful meeting with a Professor (read more here) and since that day I’ve been an unstoppable force of transforming pain into power. So it began with a choice, one single choice. For me, that choice was to live rather than die.


We all experience problems in life from mental, emotional and physical health, finances, relationships and work. We get stuck in holding patterns, self sabotage and lash out at ourselves or others when things get a little too overwhelming. But problems aren’t going away anytime soon, and how you deal with problems determines your level of happiness or suffering.

More than likely you fall victim to the problems that arise, whinging, complaining and blaming someone or something other than yourself for “why this is (or keeps) happening to you”. This cycle is disempowering and downright pointless. Right now you have under utilised tools within you waiting to be activated so you can live a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. But you're only using a portion of your tools (if any at all), yo-yo-ing from good to bad, okay to not okay, happy to unhappy which is exhausting and creates imbalance.

I know how much it sucks to be where you are which is why I’ve created this program for you. In P2P I share the practical and transformative tools to help you become the hero of your life by developing an unbreakable connection to your true self.

If you want to develop mental resilience, emotional intelligence, vibrant energy and a strong relationship to your higher-self, then P2P is for you.

You’ll become a master of transforming any painful situation into your power by simply connecting to your inner wisdom.

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If you want to develop mental resilience, emotional intelligence, vibrant energy and a strong relationship to your higher-self then P2P is for you.


Three sessions run per week via email for a period of 3 months. Sessions include video tutorials, Q+A’s, application for the teachings and more.

Each week you’ll be developing your mind, emotional intelligence and connection to your true self, creating strong foundations to help you help yourself when life ain’t so great.

The aim of the game is to have you equipped with tools to be your own coach, so you know you've got what it takes to get you out of pain and into your power.

Kat John


Entering your credit cards details allows access into P2P. If within 7 days of signing up you aren't 100% happy with the program, we will refund you 100% of payment. You can receive your refund within 7 days by contacting us at [email protected] 


I have to say this journey with you is so uplifting and beneficial to my soul, wellbeing and relationship. The difference to my whole self is insurmountable. I can’t thank you enough for what I am able to achieve under your guidance and this is a new beginning for me. Love ❤️ your soul and the selflessness you offer unconditionally, it’s a great journey that has just begun. Signed ex-angry warfare officer.
— JAMES (Australia)
You don’t know it but you guide my life! Your work has been a game changer in my mental wellbeing and I feel incredible calm and content after each one. Gratefulness and Peace to you Kat.
— AMY (U.S.A)
Just wanted to say thank you! Something about the way you speak and the words you use lights up my soul. I already feel closer to what I felt like when I was a kid - really appreciate it!
— ALEX (Australia)
Your work is more than I could have hoped for. It’s exactly what my life needed! I am inspired to live my days the best I can. Thank you!
— Carly (United Kingdom)