Kat John


Join us on this gorgeous 5-day retreat of movement, meditation, workshops and plant based eating. This retreat is 5 days and 4 nights in the super sunny Gold Coast and we have a sweet spot right on the ocean. Our aim is for you to feel connected, empowered, nourished and chilled.

Daily life will revolve around movement, meditation, workshops over-looking the ocean, delicious and healthy plant based meals, remedial massages, relaxing by the pool, long beach walks or swimming in the ocean.


Back To You is a women’s only retreat and welcome’s every woman from all fitness levels and walks of life. This retreat is ideal for meeting like-minded people and making new friends, coming together to find new inspirations to live a life more connected to the essence of who you are. Grab your bestie and come enjoy this retreat together, or come solo and get to know a new crew of women.


Our intention is to hold space for you to unplug from your routine so you can come back to yourself — your thoughts, your feelings, your body and your dreams. Through daily practices, movement, workshops and time for you to reflect, our hope is that you reconnect to the greatness inside of you and leave feeling juiced to make empowering choices and changes for yourself. Please note that this in a no alcohol retreat.

Kat John


Dan and Kat met through the zerofks movement! Danyel jumped on board the zerofks train, has been dancing every Tuesday ever since, came to one of Kat’s live events and they realised very quickly that they were kindred spirits. Danyel has run many retreats and after having a dream one night that she and Kat ran a retreat together, she contacted Kat and told her about the dream. Kat’s response what a resounding, “FK YES!”

Thank you for entrusting your soul with us. We sure can’t wait to serve you some serious goodness on the BACK TO YOU RETREAT.

Danyel Waters

Danyel is The Wholistic Health Coach, an f-bomb dropping Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Natural Health Educator & Mum of four (yeowsa)! With a career in health and wellness spanning over 15 years, she’s seen fads come and go. But her ‘Whole’-istic approach to health is simple. Don’t eat foods that makes you feel like shit. Move your body daily. And for fks sakes, be proactive in your health and wellbeing. Don’t wait until you're on your knees, begging to feel WHOLE again. Don’t use your kids as an excuse. Don’t use your job, your lack of time, your circumstance as the reason that you won’t prioritise your health. Do something about it NOW and come BACK TO YOU. 

On this retreat Danyel will be your hands on Nutritionist to talk all things food as medicine and how to eat best for your body and lifestyle. Her nutrition philosophy is based on her studies on health science and naturopathy but her approach is practical for busy lifestyles. She’ll be facilitating hands on and interactive nutrition workshops covering topics like gut health, eating for balanced hormones, meal prepping and reducing pain and inflammation through diet .

Danyel will be whipping your physical body into gear in our morning movement sessions. These beachside sessions will work within your own individual limitations while still challenging you to push your body past what you think it’s capable of. They are equal parts fun and ass kicking.

She’s also a massive advocate for using essential oils to support our physical, emotional & environmental health. Aromatherapy is a powerful ally to your mind & body. She’ll be working with you to create your own some custom blends to support your mind and emotional work during the retreat and after. You have full access to Danyel throughout the retreat for additional support and information.

Kat John

Kat John is a Coach, Speaker and Meditation guide, inspiring others to take self responsibility for the life they want to lead in the education system, corporate and online world. She also runs mass dance and meditation events as part of her social media movement #ZFTuesday - FREE YOUR SH!T THROUGH MOVEMENT.

In December 2014 she quit her job as a Registered Nurse after completing her Psychology Diploma. With no business experience she dived into the deep end to follow a calling in her heart — to inspire others to rise out of their pain and into their power.

Since then she's led meditations to 20,000+ people, run meditation programs and spoken in some of Melbourne's blue chip corporate companies and premium private schools, launched her rocking podcast and brings the community together through her zerofks movement. Plus she's an ambassador for Lululemon... and more!

Kat started her business to become a leader in the health and wellness space, to deliver a powerful message that's real, raw and relatable, providing tools to guide people back inside themselves, connect with their essence and make powerful choices from there.

On their BACK TO YOU Retreat, Kat will be sorting out your mind with morning and evening meditations, workshops of mastering your mind, accessing and following through on your intuition, and using the power of visualisation to create your ultimate dreams. You have full access to Kat throughout the retreat for additional guidance.

Our gorgeous home away from home that looks right over the ocean - #backtoyouretreat

Our gorgeous home away from home that looks right over the ocean - #backtoyouretreat

Rancho relaxo starts here - #backtoyouretreat

Rancho relaxo starts here - #backtoyouretreat

The BACK TO YOU Retreat offers plant based food, great company, space to reflect, ocean breeze and a home right on the beach - #backtoyouretreat

The BACK TO YOU Retreat offers plant based food, great company, space to reflect, ocean breeze and a home right on the beach - #backtoyouretreat

Danyel Waters
Kat John


We will host up to 11 women on our retreat in a 6 bedroom and 6 bathroom beautiful home. Rooms are either share rooms or you can book them out to yourself, plus sofa bed or floor mattress options should you wish to come but are on a budget. Come solo or book with one of your besties, mum or daughter.

To secure your space a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. Payment plans are available for the remaining amount.



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We cannot wait for the laughs, tears and heart felt conversations at the BACK TO YOU Retreat #backtoyou

We cannot wait for the laughs, tears and heart felt conversations at the BACK TO YOU Retreat #backtoyou



Will I get downtime? What’s the ratio of workshops & learning, to doing my own thing?
Absolutely you’ll get downtime. There’s plenty of space for you to do your own thing like walk the beach, read, snooze, chat to the other attendees or just be. Each day there will be a learning component.

Are the workshops compulsory?
In short, yes. We want you to get the most out of your retreat, soak in as much goodness and apply what you will.

I'm thinking of coming solo, is that okay?
Yes! You’ll meet a good hub of like minded women. This experience is powerful and if you’re looking for 5 days of connection, reflection and space then this retreat might just be what you’re looking for.

What time does the retreat start and finish?
Our retreat starts at 5pm on Friday 11th of October and finishes at 11am on Tuesday 15th of October. If your flight time interferes with the schedule that’s totally okay, just let us know.

How far away is the beach?
Right in front of you!

Can you accommodate my special diet?
We can definitely accommodate your dietary requirements. We are focusing on a plant based diet for the retreat so please let us know if you have allergies or requirements. If you do have any requirements or allergies please be sure to inform us before the retreat at [email protected]

How do I get there?
Fly your sweet self into Gold Coast airport. The retreat is 9 minutes away from Coolangatta airport in Currumbin. We’ll be sending the exact address once you book.

What’s included?
4-nights accommodation – see the room options below.
Wholesome breakfast, healthy plant based lunches and dinners.
Two x meditation practices everyday.
One x body movement everyday.
Mind, emotions and body workshops throughout the 5-days.
Entry to ZEROFKS live event in Gold Coast (Tuesday 15th October, 7pm).

What’s not included?
Travel insurance.
Airport transfers.

We sure hope you follow your heart and see you at BACK TO YOU