Kat John


As a leader in the health and wellness industry, I give people hope that they too can change the trajectory of their life when they look inside for the answers they seek.

More importantly, I provide powerful tools and life hacks to access these answers and make empowering changes that lead to more enjoyable and fulfilling lives.

Kat John




My presentations are from the heart — best known as real, raw and relatable that are customised for each audience. I offer 60-minutes of supercharged keynote speaking, that will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and hopeful.

I’m known for lifting the energy of the room through my cheeky nature and humour, whilst conveying my message in a way that is easy to digest, and calls people to do the inside work to make real changes in their lives. Through my storytelling of relatable stories, client outcomes and actionable accessible steps to be and create the change, the idea of change becomes attainable for my audience.

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Kat John
In an HQ that has a wide range of meditation experience, the response and engagement Kat John received at Movember was remarkable. The whole team felt that Kat was relatable and taught meditation in a way that resonated with everyone. In a short amount of time Kat’s able to get you to feel connected to yourself and those around you. And while there are moments of self-reflection, or listening to Kat’s story that evoke real emotion, Kat’s energy and style ensure there is always a heartfelt belly laugh not too far away.

After the class my colleagues shared how much they loved Kat and her style. The magic of Kat is her energy and how real she is. No bullshit.
— Katie Bailey - Movember HQ
Kat John is electric! She lead a development session on ‘choice’ with a group of top talent leaders at lululemon. The session was totally engaging from beginning to end!

From meditation, authentic personal shares and deep reflection to hilarious storytelling, the group were captivated. Kat showed vulnerability which is rare in corporate and created a space for people to feel ok, not to be ok. We celebrated our human-ness and through that built such a strong connection. Absolute Legend.
— TREVOR HOLLAND, lululemon training & development
It was moving to have someone be open and vulnerable in front of a group, she was clearly motivated to encourage strength and hope within our own journey.

She guided us through a meditation that none of us had experienced before and we learnt to focus on our goals and that mindset and meditation can help change our reality. Our team felt refreshed after your visit and we feel that we are more capable of achieving dreams by thinking of our Gold Medal(s)
— TOM Organic Team
Kat connected to the group on a personal level, detailing and was able to cater to our athletes of all ages, creating a strong connection and inspiring them to be the best they can, both in and out of the water.

I would highly recommend Kat for any High Performance sports looking to educate their athletes on the importance of mental health.
— JOSH BUSCH, swimming victoria