Kat John


I serve what you need to hear, the truth that has the potential to set you free from internal pain or suffering.



guest speaker for corporates and schools


My hope is to empower you to become responsible for your own life, addressing the areas that are calling out for transformation — not waiting until your health, relationships and overall happiness is going down the toilet.

Through sharing my story of pain to power and the steps I took to turn my life around, my intention is for you to realise that YOU ARE the power to change your experience of life. That what you’re looking for isn’t in pills, riding yourself off on weekends, depending on others to make you happy or accumulating material items to full empty voids.

My speaking and facilitation events are guaranteed thought provoking and heart opening experiences. It’s a tough love, truth bomb approach that aims to get you a little uncomfortable to inspire change. Ultimately you’ll broaden your awareness and understanding of yourself, and take inspired action.

My mission is to wake people up to their potential and see them living beyond their mental limitations. I envision the human race coming back home to who they are, creating meaningful, fulfilling and incredible lives, and treating one another with respect, dignity and kindness.

A big task you might say? Possibly, but I’m sticking to my guns.

I have been fortunate to have worked with many leading corporates, schools and brands including JLL Property & Investment, Holden, Loreto Mandeville Hall, Sacre Coeur, Lululemon, NGV, Run Melbourne, Womens' Health and many others.

Kat John

Below you’ll find the major topics spoken about

Visualisation, Emotion and Action

Our thoughts have direct impact on our emotions, and our emotions are the fuel for how we behave, act, interact and communicate. The quality of our thoughts will determine how we feel and act, either creating a life we love, or despise. Understand how Kat uses meditation/visualisation as optimal brain food to deliberately produce high quality emotions and outcomes in her business, relationships and as a step mum.

Go For Your Gold Despite Limiting Beliefs

The unconscious mind has three motives - to keep you in safe familiar territory, to protect you from danger and to operate from needing to know "how it is". If anything presses against the unconscious motives, self sabotage, resistance and defensiveness plays out. This is when the dreams inside our hearts are wasted leading to miserable, dissatisfied and unfulfilled lives. Kat explains what it takes to master the unconscious and what needs to happen to live outside your comfort zone so you can go for gold.

Kat John

Self Responsibility

Blaming others masks our shame because deep down we know that no one is responsible for how our lives are turning out except us. Find out how Kat took self responsibility at the age of 24 when her health, relationships, work and life was spiralling out of control. Honesty, courage and using the power of choice for the betterment of herself and those around her were key, and you might find some gold nuggets in her approach to getting comfortable with up levelling yourself.


From Pain to Power

Kat's triumph story from chronic nerve pain, depression, addiction to pain killers,  and brain surgery, to using the power of her mind to overcome and outgrow perceived limitations is a message for the world to hear. Once a victim, now a victor, Kat shares her winning formula to constantly shattering small minded beliefs and creating a life definitely worth living.

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Kat John is electric! She lead a development session on ‘choice’ with a group of top talent leaders at lululemon. The session was totally engaging from beginning to end!

From meditation, authentic personal shares and deep reflection to hilarious storytelling, the group were captivated. Kat showed vulnerability which is rare in corporate and created a space for people to feel ok, not to be ok. We celebrated our human-ness and through that built such a strong connection. Absolute Legend.
— TREVOR HOLLAND, lululemon training & development
Kat joined our team for a Lunch & Learn. It was moving to have someone be open and vulnerable in front of a group, she was clearly motivated to encourage strength and hope within our own journey.

She guided us through a meditation that none of us had experienced before and we learnt to focus on our goals and that mindset and meditation can help change our reality. 

Our team felt refreshed after your visit and we feel that we are more capable of achieving dreams by thinking of our Gold Medal(s)
— TOM organic Team
Kat connected to the group on a personal level, detailing and was able to cater to our athletes of all ages, creating a strong connection and inspiring them to be the best they can, both in and out of the water.

I would highly recommend Kat for any High Performance sports looking to educate their athletes on the importance of mental health.
— JOSH BUSCH, swimming victoria