My hope is to empower you to become responsible for your own life, addressing the areas that are calling out for transformation — not waiting until your health, relationships and overall happiness is going down the toilet.

Through sharing my story of pain to power and the steps I took to turn my life around, my intention is for you to realise that YOU ARE the power to change your experience of life.

My speaking and facilitation events are guaranteed thought provoking and heart opening experiences. With the intention to inspire you to change the way you perceive and approach life’s circumstances, ultimately you’ll broaden your awareness and understanding of yourself, and take inspired action.

Trevor Holland
lululemon Training and Development Manager APAC and Owner of Forward Thinking Company.

Kat John is electric! She recently lead a development session on ‘choice’ with a group of top talent leaders at lululemon. The session was totally engaging from beginning to end and really took the team on a journey.

From meditation, authentic personal shares and deep reflection to hilarious storytelling and dancing to ‘Proud Mary’, the group were captivated. I was personally grateful for the vulnerability Kat showed and how she created a space for people to feel ok, not to be ok all the time. We really celebrated our human-ness and through that built such a strong connection. Absolute Legend.

My mission is to awaken people to their potential and see them living beyond their mental limitations. I envision the human race coming back home to who they are, creating meaningful, fulfilling and incredible lives, and treating one another with respect, dignity and kindness. A big task you might say? Possibly, but I’m sticking to my guns.

Josh Busch
Sports Development and Performance & Development Services Co-ordinator, Swimming Victoria Inc.

Kat connected to the group on a personal level, detailing how she has used positive visualisation and creating goals to overcome all obstacles that stood in front of her. Kat was able to cater to our athletes of all ages, creating a strong connection and inspiring them to be the best they can, both in and out of the water. I would highly recommend Kat for any High Performance sports looking to educate their athletes on the importance of mental health.

My talks are thought provoking, inspiring and educates on how to live beyond limiting beliefs and sabotage behaviours. My message focuses on turning a life of pain into power, combining the practical tools and strategies that you need to apply to transform areas of suffering and create a life worth living. I speak openly about my struggles, how I fell victim to them and the lead up to turning it all around. My talks focus on no longer being victimised by life’s circumstances and instead rising to the occasion.

In-house programs & facilitation
I’ll craft an educational, interactive, fun and inspiring program based on your specific needs, facilitating all attendees to reach your end goal. The greatest success I've seen in attendees is when companies take the focus off work and instead on their personal needs, such as developing their mindsets to not only cope with life, but to thrive in all areas of life from personal to professional. Post session follow-up and materials are included to ensure attendees have the best possible opportunity for follow through.

I know how to drop people into a state that overrides their stress, worries and ineffective ways of operating in the world, in a short time. Professionally, meditation has infinite upsides from improving productivity, creativity and focus, and personally improving self awareness, mental and emotional health, relationships and much more. My meditation programs are an absolute win for attendees and post session materials are included to encourage a home-based practice.

Zero F!s - Freedom Through Movement
You might want to consider something that's a little left field, but is sure to shake up people's energy, shift their mindset and feel amazing . It's my social media movement #ZFTuesday - Free Your Sh!t Movement, and pardon me while I drop the "F" bomb. The hash tag stands for Zero F!ks Tuesday, an accidental social media success that has reached a growing global audience - a loyal tribe of people dancing out their bad days and worries every Tuesday, sharing it on social media and challenging their friends to join in on the fun.

The social success has turned into live mass dance events and corporate mental health sessions and people are loving it! Why? Because motion creates emotion. Definitely worth considering at your next Wellbeing Event.

So let’s get the party started…