There is treasure in the trauma.

I hope to inspire you to look at the areas of your life that are screaming out for transformation, and to cease waiting to address them when your health, relationships and overall happiness has spun out of control.

Through sharing my story of pain to power and the steps I took to turn my life around, my intention is for you to realise that YOU ARE the power to change your experience of life.

My speaking and meditation events provide mind and heart opening experiences. The soul intention is to inspire you to change the way you are perceiving yourself, others and the world, ultimately broadening your awareness, perspective and understanding of yourself.

I’m dedicated to delivering powerful talks on matters that matter through sharing my very real and raw stories of pain to power, to touch you and activate transformation.

My mission is to awaken people to their potential and see them living beyond their mental limitations. I envision the human race coming back home to who they are, creating meaningful, fulfilling and incredible lives, and treating one another how we’d all love to be treated. Big task you might say? Possibly, but I’m sticking to my guns.

I speak openly about my struggles, how I fell victim to them and the lead up to turning it all around. My talks focus on no longer being victimised by life’s circumstances and instead rising to the occasion.

Others best describe my talks as sobering truth sessions. Real, raw, relatable and deep with injections of dark humour (with a few F Bombs)! From start to finish my talks are fuelled from the heart, pumped with soul awakening words and delivered with a passion that inspires change.

There's tips, tools and strategies to impart and post speaking guidance gifted to you to lock in the messages of the session. There's time for Q+As, laughs, tears, selfies and of course, hugs. 

At the end of the day, we're all searching to unleash who we truly are and share our true passions with the world. And so the journey begins...

kat john

Run Melbourne @Fed Square

20,000 people in one space is an incredible vibe! I was made the official Mindfulness Coach of Run Melbourne and led a mass meditation to 20,000 people pre the 20km, 10km and 5km Run Melbourne races.

Theme of the med - When you want to quit, embrace the feeling of crossing the finish line.


lululemon Head Office

Lululemon’s head office called me in to run a workshop on the theme, “How do you shift your mindset when you believe you have no choice?”

kat john

lululemon #worth100 @StJerome’s rooftop

Melbourne’s weather held out for us as I opened the event to 100 guests and the speaking panel Lisa Messenger, Samantha Gash, Jessica Sepel, Shelley Horton with an empowerment meditation.

Theme of the med - Reflect on your wins; it helps when the chips are down.

kat john

Empowerment Talk + Meditation @Loreto

Morning Meditation and Talk to the girls at Loreto High School. There’s so much to offer these precious soul’s by helping them focus on being the best version of themselves.

kat john

lululemon 20th Birthday @NGV

This was an epic event in an epic venue for an epic company. Lululemon invited me to close the yoga session for 250 legends in a mass meditation.

Theme of the med - Imperfect is Perfect.


Whenever I listen to you it brings me back to my path, especially when I’ve started to wander of course, and it sharpens my focus. There aren’t enough words to say how much you have already changed my life - in a way that no one else has ever, or could ever possibly do. You are real, genuine, honest, kind hearted, caring and you walk the talk with zero bullshit. An absolute inspiration to me!
— Olivia
Thanks for coming out today to Loreto - the girls loved the session and I think your words really resonated with many of them.
— Loreto Girls' School
My girlfriend Maria and me enjoyed your talk immensely. It was so powerful and it packed a punch in so many ways. We reflected on it over dinner and now Maria can see why I truly believe in you and she now understands how I’m always looking forward to the light & wanting to live my life to the fullest.
— Nuccia
Thank you so much for sharing you with us today and being honest with us; and above all, treating us like equals! I really resonated with everything you said today and would love to get some extra advice, tips, and help above all from you
— Danni (Year 12 Loreto Student)