Free yourself from the bullshit stories in your head.

The problem is you think you are your thoughts.

You think that every thought that comes into your head means something about you, or you identify with the thought and this is the cause of your suffering. You have an unconscious mind that is riddled with limiting beliefs, conditions on how you, others and life ought to be, and stories filled with filters of pain that distort your view of yourself, others and the world. And it's a recipe for suffering. 

You suffer because you're attached to these beliefs, such as, "I'm not good enough", "I'm not worthy of anything good in this life", "I'm unlovable", "I can't trust myself or others", and more! You suffer because you're attached to the conditions of how everything has to be before you can be happy, free, at peace or content, and you suffer because you are attached to past pains in fear they'll happen in your future.

But don't you worry, I've been there too and still get sucked into the unconscious rabbit hole… and wow it's dark! You can't help but feel helpless and powerless to your own thoughts and views on life which can cause depression, stress, anxiety, addiction... anything to distract yourself from the reality of your mind. 

Total head f..k, right?

Good thing I’ve got a solution for you…


For those of you who want to be free from the chaos in your head and life, I invite you to invest your time into The Tribe.

The Tribe is my daily online meditation program that helps you disassociate from your thoughts and unconscious beliefs, so you can live a life of inner peace, contentment and joy. You’ll begin to see yourself, others and the world in an entirely new light as you breakthrough old perceptions and disempowering habits. You'll experience new depths in your relationships and health, and create space to discover your passions and purpose.

Here in The Tribe we are committed to living beyond the darkness and in our light, developing self awareness, mental strength and resilience. We cover new topics each week to help you expand beyond old patterns of living that have you believing you’re worthless, not good enough, unloveable and incapable of having what you want. 


Kat John
Kat John
Kat John
Kat John

You can meditate from your bed, couch, the beach or wherever you are in the world without restriction.

You don't have to sit on a mountain top in lotus, or sit in silence hoping you have no thoughts because in our Tribe we release the rules around meditation (another mental condition your unconscious sets) and we just get straight to the juicy bits.

So whether you’re new to meditation or have been into it for years, my online tribe will serve you well. People from around the world are joining together to return home to who they are, activating collective healing and deep transformation.

The more awakened souls on this planet, the greater ours and the next generations experience of life can be.

Kat John


Entering your credit cards details allows access into The Tribe for 14 days. Within this 14 day period you will not be charged any fees. Once the 14 day free trial has ended your $4.95 weekly subscription to The Tribe commences immediately.

You can opt out anytime within the 14 day trial, or after the 14 day trial by contacting us at [email protected]

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Thank you Kat for giving me the tools I need to help me not be afraid of change - of not always having to be in control. I choosing to embrace the best version of myself.
— Mandy
Kat, I just finished listening to your meditation tonight. I just HAD to tell you that I was ‘giving up’ again this afternoon and heading down my old ‘I’ll just have to suck it up’ path. I had given up against finding love - forgetting once again that it all takes time. This is a perfect example of how your daily meds are my daily reminders and motivators to keep me on track. It was almost as if you had heard the voices in my head this afternoon! Your meditation really resonated with me, as did your personal story.

Thank you for being there for all of us in the Tribe- this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!
— Liv
I’m loving your meditations! I listened to your Tuesday meditation this morning in the car and it resonated so strongly with me. Then this evening one tiny little thing that I saw on social media triggered my mind to create stories and doubt that threatened to lock up my heart and send me off path. I was desperately clutching at messages to tell myself to try and stop the avalanche of thoughts. Fortunately I listened to your meditation again tonight before bed to reset myself. Gosh this all just makes so much sense- I can feel it all starting to come together!
— Olivia
In 15 minutes my entire world is filled with peace. I can’t explain it other than it’s euphoric and I am inspired to live my day the best I can. The Tribe is more than I could have hoped for. It’s exactly what my life needed! Thank you!
— Carly (United Kingdom)
Just wanted to say thank you! I’ll be watching everyday and live when you are on! Something about you relaxes me and I feel peace when we meditate. I already feel closer to what I felt like when I was a kid - really appreciate it!
— ALEX (Australia)
You don’t know it but you guide my nightly meditations through your Tribe. It’s been a game changer in my mental wellbeing and I feel incredible calm and content after each one. Gratefulness and Peace to you Kat.
— AMY (U.S.A)
I have to say this journey with you is so uplifting and beneficial to my soul, wellbeing and relationship. The difference to my whole self is insurmountable. I can’t thank you enough for what I am able to achieve under your guidance and this is a new beginning for me. Love ❤️ your soul and the selflessness you offer unconditionally, it’s a great journey that has just begun. Signed ex-angry warfare officer.
— JAMES (Australia)
I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the meditation theme from last week- “stop waiting for perfect conditions to be happy”.

This mother fker theme was like a bullet right between my eyes. You clearly expressed how I’ve been feeling for years BUT I just didn’t know how to verbalise it & express it. Everything you spoke about is/was so, so true, and part of me was waiting for you to say my name at the end of each meditation.

From the bottom of my heart 💓THANK YOU!!
— Nuccia