This 3 day program will move you, challenge you, take you to places you've never been and motion you out of the outdated life you're living and into the life that's waiting for you.

You'll smash apart what no longer serves you, be set free of past pains, self doubts, limiting beliefs, repeating outdated patterns and stop being someone you’re not!

This is a process of self development through awareness, connection and transformation (ACT), educating you on the power your mind, emotions, physiology and energy, how each of these forces impact, affect and determines your reality and how to use each of them to your absolute advantage. 

The You Are The Answer program will have you reach deep inside your soul and pull out the you that has been dying to see the light of day. You'll reconnect to your true self, remember what it's like to feel alive again and be the person you were born to be.


10.30am - 5.30pm

Your subconscious patterns, habits and behaviours are the rulers of your life. You adopt many of your patterns, beliefs and behaviours from the conditions of your childhood - how you were brought up, observing the relationships and dynamics of your family and traumatic events that happened to or around you.

These conditions create powerful programs in you controlling how you think, speak, feel and react to life. If your programs are setup to think positively, speak honestly, feel openly and to stay calm no matter what, then keep your programs; they're working for you!

But sadly, most people have negative programs that work against them.

Negative thoughts that say, "you'll never be enough, you're not worthy of happiness, success, love, etc". "You're ugly, you'll never be loved, you'll never have what you want". Consistent negative feelings of depression, melancholy, feeling victimised, stressed or anxious. 

When you want to change you must let go of old programs to allow room for new programs to come in and stay. When you decide to change old programs they will fight to stay because they're there to keep you safe, secure and give you a sense of certainty. 

Day 1 is focused on becoming 100% aware of the programs that are running your life and producing negative results. You will leave behind your outdated programs to allow room for the new tools you will learn, develop and implement to create a better life for yourself. 

Your new tools will include training and conditioning your mind, emotions and physiology.

10.30am - 5.30pm

When you let go of the old painful stories of the past and disassociate yourself from them, you have room to be who you are. Beyond the past, mind, emotions and body is your energy, vibration and soul. It is vast in its power to heal, transform and create the life you were always meant to have.

Your 7 chakras are the energy points within the body that are meant to send out a multitude of pure, powerful and positive frequencies. These frequencies get shutdown due to your upbringing and experienced or observed trauma which causes fear, mistrust in the world and others, self doubt, a lack of belief in your own abilities and repression of who you are. 

Meditation not only has profound psychological and physiological effects on the body, but it connects you to your soul. You remember who you are, why you're here and what your purpose is without the noise of the mind. You hear the sound of your voice and inner truth that reveals the life you were destined for.

Day 2 is focused on your 7 chakras and learning to meditate to unlock the potential you were born with and shed the layers that don't match your frequency.

Your new tools will include the chakra system and meditation.

10.30am - 3pm

On the other side of pain is power!

Pain is one of the greatest teachers and you'll learn to get used to pain and treat it differently. Instead of treating pain with anger, repression, frustration, stubbornness, reaction or medication, you'll treat it with the understanding that it's bringing you a gift of transformation.

Day 3 is focused on shifting your perceptions to expand your mind whilst using new tools of meditation, visualisation processes, recording personal affirmations, partnered exercises, release writing and creative writing to activate and implement positive programming into your being. 

Without going through the transformation process, you'll find ways to sabotage and prevent yourself from taking consistent action. We want the old programs to fall away and the new programs to have a new home within you. 




In the unlikely event that after having participated in the first day of You Are The Answer, you decide you haven’t learned enough to create a more fulfilling and inspiring life, we will send you a complete refund, no questions asked. 

**refunds do not apply if circumstances change after booking into the program. you will be credited the total amount and it will be put towards a future 3 day program or 1:1 consulting. 


I had an absolute cracker of a time over the last 3 days. I met some amazing ladies and I met my idol, my hero KAT.

I left on a total high! The 3 days has had a huge impact on me because a part of me has been re-awakened. I know that I AM an amazing, caring, loving, nurturing, sexy, strong, resilient & funny chick.

Thankyou Kat John for bringing out the best in me. Thankyou for giving me the confidence, guidance & tools to change my life.
— Nuccia
I realise my self worth and strength that I knew was there deep down but my layers were shed as I worked through each chakra to reveal my true self which is love, light, strength, wisdom, joy and fun.
Having the support of you Kat and the other women supporting me the whole way played a major part of my success of this journey of the chakra course.
Life for me now is positive, exciting and empowered. I’m so pumped for the what the future holds and to know I have the tools to face any challenge.

The inspiring chats, the activities pushing us out of our comfort zones, the fact that it was such a safe and loving environment. It was so perfect and has changed my life forever, without a doubt.

Thank you Kat you’re an inspiring and powerful woman and I’m forever grateful to have met you.
I am actually excited about life! Instead of looking back, I am looking ahead and I feel like I have so many exciting things to do! I’ve let so much of the past go! I’m not worrying about my future and comparing myself to everyone else.
This course was at times brutally confronting. It brought out emotions and parts of myself that had found some great hiding places within. I can honestly say I loved it and it was equally balanced out with incredible insights, lightheartedness, laughing, connection, support and love. Without this opportunity to experience myself with Kat’s guidance and teachings, I may not have uncovered the incredible moment I fell in love with myself and what I can offer through the connection to my business.
Thank you for helping me bring out the real me and changing my life from the inside! I have a long road to go but with your help I am on the right track! You are f****** amazing and I am so blessed to have met you and your incredible soul!