Kat John


A global social media success (and accident), that sees everyday people dancing to their favourite tunes with their children, partners, puppies, colleagues or solo dancing, all in the name of giving zero fks and freeing their shit through movement.



Adopting a zerofks attitude isn’t about sticking the bird up to the world and saying, “FK YOU”! No, it’s a feeling and mindset where you realise there were no fks to be given in the first place - that you are and have always have been, free to be yourself.

Your self consciousness and self obsession with who you think you have to be, and what you have to do in order to be liked, approved, accepted or good enough, causes you to give a lot of cares about things that don’t matter, or even exist. They only exist in your limiting belief system which has you resolving your self consciousness and obsessions by behaving in ways that aren’t in alignment with who you are. This is when you lose connection to yourself. The ZERO FKS — FREE YOUR SHIT movement is a simple, yet powerful reminder that people’s perceptions, judgements and opinions are more often than not made up in your mind. And if others do have an opinion, it’s about not giving them your power, staying true to yourself and realising you can get on with your life.


Join me and my Tribe every Tuesday on instagram for the zero fks — free your shit through movement challenge. Let go of your self consciousness and self obsession and whatever else holds you back from letting your spirit come to life.

  1. Video yourself dancing to your fave tunes.

  2. Challenge your mates by tagging them.

  3. Upload your video to your stories and tag @kat.john and #zftuesday.

See you on the virtual dance floor.


I love Tuesday’s and watching your zero fks stories on instagram. I’ve been in hospital for 7 weeks with a broken pelvis. Watching everyone puts a smile on my face and I can’t wait to share my ZFT with you when I can walk again.
— ZFT fan
Your live ZFTuesday events are next level life changing. I was so nervous coming in and left so open, pumped and free. Thank YOU!
— Jo
We’ve collaborated with Kat twice now and both times have been an absolute pleasure. Her energy is infectious and her message is totally inspiring. We recently held a #ZFTuesday event to launch our Wellness category, and Kat totally engaged our group from start to finish. If you want someone real and authentic to speak to your employees or customers in a fresh and inspiring way, I can’t recommend Kat enough. She does this effortlessly!
— Hannah Furst - Social & Content Manager at Adore Beauty