Thousands of legends all over the world are choosing to free their shit through movement.

If you haven’t got around the #ZFTuesday movement that’s taking over social media, then you’ve got to check it out!

The zero fks freedom movement has (and still is) inspiring men and women to free the themselves from being consumed with what they think people think of them, giving less fks about what doesn’t matter and focusing on what does. The movement is creating a global social community and now, an in person community too, due to the social media hype pushing for live ZFTuesday events. And boy are they fun! Check out the highlight reels for a good laugh!

I receive emails and DM’s via instagram daily about how ZFTuesday has changed their lives, some even saying it saved theirs. ZFTuesday gives people permission to let go, be weird, dance out their problems and move blocked thoughts and emotions in a constructive (and fun) way. It also offers an opportunity to get to know ourselves beyond our all too consuming thoughts and reach new levels of self discovery.

Click here to check out the videos, get inspired and get amongst it!

kat john

#ZFTuesday Merch

Official Kat John merch is ready for you with thanks to a collab with Sweater Club.

Tees are unisex in size so please check out the size guides in custom sections available.

100% cotton - black and white.
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