Join our Tribe of legends on TUESDAY 27.11.18 @Greenfields in Albert Park
for a night of giving zero fks through dance and meditation.

No high heels. No creeps. No booze.
JUST GOOD VIBES (and Remedy Kombucha).

It's simple... we give zero fks and free our shit through movement.

Come join the freedom movement where legends far and wide come to dance to blow off steam and rock out sweet (or weird) moves. It's a sober dance event with high vibes and like minded peeps, all dressed in comfy gear or active wear with the intention to free their shit and have a wicked time!

Led by yours truly, Kat John, the event is opened with an empowerment chat, followed by a kick ass dance session and completed with a grounding meditation.

Don't take my word for how amazing #ZFTuesday LIVE is, check it out here!

Bring your family, friends, work colleagues or team members and get them on board the freedom movement.

Thousands of legends all over the world are choosing to free their shit through movement.

If you haven’t got around the #ZFTuesday movement that’s taking over instagram and creating an incredible impact, then you’re missing out!

The freedom movement is spreading fast with people sending in and sharing videos of themselves dancing in their homes, work, schools, with friends, families and pooches — letting loose to their favourite tunes and feeling the power of freedom! Check out the highlight reels for a good laugh!

Many of you think you want to be free from what others think of you, when in reality you want to be free from being consumed with what YOU think others think of you. #ZFTuesday allows you to get out of your personal judgments and embody freedom through movement.

This all started with a nudge from my intuition to share a video of me doing one of my free movement, which have helped me get out of crappy moods and free myself whatever is going on in life. After debating whether I should put it up or not due to fear of looking like an idiot, I thought, “fk it, just do it”. It just so happened to be a Tuesday, so I decided to use the hashtag, #ZFTuesday.

Ever since I’ve been posting videos up on Tuesday’s, dancing to the beat of freedom which has inspired thousands of legends to free themselves too and get on board the #ZFTuesday movement. Little did I know that this idea would take on a life of it’s own.

Click here to check out the videos, get inspired and get amongst it!

kat john

#ZFTuesday Merch

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Tees are unisex in size so please check out the size guides in custom sections available.

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