Thousands of legends all over the world are choosing to free their shit through movement.

If you haven’t got around the #ZFTuesday movement that’s taking over social media, then you’ve got to check it out!

It's my social media movement #ZFTuesday - Free Your Sh!t Movement. Pardon me while I drop the "F" bomb. The #ZFTuesday hash tag stands for Zero F!ks Tuesday - an accidental social media success that has reached a growing global audience of people dancing out their bad days and worries every Tuesday, sharing it on social media and challenging their friends to join in on the fun. Check out the highlight reels for a good laugh!

This movement has manifested into live mass dance events and corporate wellness sessions, and people are LOVING IT! Everyone walks away lighter, happier, more connected and confident in themselves. It inspires men and women to free the themselves from being consumed with what they think people think of them, giving less fks about what doesn’t matter and focusing on what does.

Definitely worth considering at your next Wellbeing Event, annual meetings or team building days.

I receive emails and DM’s via instagram daily about how ZFTuesday has changed their lives, some even saying it saved theirs. ZFTuesday gives people permission to let go, be weird, dance out their problems and move blocked thoughts and emotions in a constructive (and fun) way. It also offers an opportunity to get to know ourselves beyond our all too consuming thoughts and reach new levels of self discovery.

Check out the videos, get inspired and get amongst it!

Hannah Furst
Social & Content Manager at Adore Beauty

We've collaborated with Kat twice now and both times have been an absolute pleasure. Her energy is infectious and her message is totally inspiring.

We recently held a #ZFTuesday event to launch our Wellness category, and Kat totally engaged our group from start to finish. If you want someone real and authentic to speak to your employees or customers in a fresh and inspiring way, I can't recommend Kat enough. She does this effortlessly! 

kat john

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